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I might do a name change soon. I'm not super into Undertale anymore, so I figured I could go with another name. Any ideas?
This is my first piece back! I hope you like it. I made it with my new art tablet, which im not used to yet...
Brooke's POV

It started off as a day of utter boredom. I woke up after my alarm clock screamed in my ear, and started to get ready for my day at school; well, Felifox private highschool. I slipped my uniform on, grabbed my bag, then ran out the door. I had no family that would greet me on my way out the door. My mother died years ago, and I never knew my dad. He divorced my mom after he found out that she was pregnant with me. The only family member I really have is my brother, Ichio. He's currently staying with my aunt in England, which is far away from Japan. It was honestly pretty ridiculous.

So, with no one to greet, I walked down the street alone. My school wasn't too far from my house, and I'm sure they would cut me some slack if I were late. I'm one of the best students in the school. I was accepted into my school because of how high my exam scores were. Of course, there's always someone better than me, but I don't mind.

I continued walking until I reached the entrance of the school. Instead of walking inside, I took my time and sat down. The bell wouldn't ring until at least twenty minutes. The whole time, I sat there reading manga like "Tokyo Ghoul", "Deadman Wonderland", and "Corpse Party". The horror stories were my favorite.

Time passed; only five minutes until the bell. By now, usually everyone would be inside by now, but for some reason, someone was still outside. It was Mochida Hosokawa, the most popular student in the school. He had a bad boy appearance; his half shaved raven hair to the chains hanging out of his pockets. He had the whole package. I had never talked to him, let alone anyone at this school besides my friend Ebony. He was one of the last of people I would want to get involved with, but clearly, I spoke too soon. He pranced his merry way right up to me and ducked down to look at me and smile.

"Why are you sitting all alone?" He asked me. I didn't answer; I'm kind of anti-social towards others. "Ignoring me? Yeah, I guess not everyone could like me, but I totally get it." Mochida said as he got up and started to face the other way.

I honestly felt terrible, so I decided to call out to him. "W-wait!" I yelled, realizing that I was sort of loud. After taking a short breather, I started up again. "It's not like that... I'm just really a-antisocial and I-" The next thing I knew he was sitting right in front of me again, smiling like no other.

"So your just shy?" He asked me. I nodded and put my book down. Mochida grabbed it and opened it up. "IS THIS THE NEWEST VOLUME OF TOKYO GHOUL:RE?!" He yelled, flipping through the pages.

"Well, yeah... your into this kind of thing?"


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